Personal Note from Liz:

"Until I hired Liz, I had been unable to collect all the necessary information from the various departments and roles in the company to effectively expand my business and have multiple branches. Liz was really able to bring everything together and make a well-written tool for our new staff to know what is important to know and also to expand with new, distant staff to make them feel comfortable with the expectations of being consistent with other locations."

 Germaine S.

(Consultants for Children, Inc.)

“Liz has the perfect mix of business know-how, ownership understanding, and employee work flow.  She was able to take the information that lives in the minds of those doing the tasks and put them onto paper for everyone to understand.  Now we are able to hire and train in a repeatable, meaningful way.”

Hannah U.

(Copper Door Coffee Roasters)

"Working with Chism Solutions over the past several months has been an enlightening and eye opening experience for our company. The work we have accomplished together will no doubt have our company trending in an upward direction for years to come. Liz goes out of her way to understand who she is working with and how to best serve them. Liz has taken our company vision and created the path to achieve. Working with Liz Chism and Chism solutions is akin to strengthening the backbone and the core of our business. Her impact will be felt for the foreseeable future"

Vance C.

(Brush Strokes Quality Painting)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

  • What if I already have systems in place but my employees are just not following them?

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